Early Days
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Your Hosts

Steve & Kathy
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Amber's Wedding at Mocha Moment
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1800s History of Corner that is
Now Mocha Moment
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The Mocha Moment Story
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The Corner Before Mocha Moment
House (demolished to make room for Mocha Moment)
and Rock Hill Grocery (rehabbed into Villa Decoris)

(On the Corner)

1900s History
Rockstead Home: 1121 Center Avenue
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A little bit about us: We've always ridden bikes. I commute by bike to work daily. Since our 5 children left home, we take one long trip a year. We take the Amtrak with our bikes somewhere, bike to somewhere else, see many interesting, mostly well known sites, and ride the Amtrak home. Here's a slideshow of each trip. In case you are interested...

Video: Natchez Trace:
Natchez to Nashville (2024)

(Watch our 2024 bike trip, Natchez Trace on Vimeo.)

(Watch our fall of 2023 bike trip, Spring Green on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2023 bike trip, Boston, Cape Cod, Long Island Sound Coast, Brooklyn on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2022 bike trip, Lake Mills, Madison, New Glarus, Monroe on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2022 bike trip, Canada, Erie Canal, Hudson River on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2021 bike trip, Ohio River to Lake Erie on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2019 bike trip, Hudson River Valley & Long Island on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2018 bike trip, East Coast & Manhattan on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2017 bike trip, Great Allegheny Passage on Vimeo.)

(Watch our 2016 bike trip, Katy Trail on Vimeo.)

A bit more about us: We also like to dance. Our hangout on Saturday nights is the incomparable Butterfly with its live band, led by Mike Williamson. In 2013 (and again in 2014) we were asked to perform for "Dancing with the Stars," an Alzheimer's fund raiser at Janesville's Performing Arts Center. In 2023 Janesville's own story teller, Teresa, featured us in "Tales of Adventure," a multimedia show, again at Janesville's Performing Arts Center: The Entire Show. Or, Our tale. In case you are interested...

August 3, 2023. Our 5 children surprised us with a Dinner-Dance Celebration at Casa Grande. Family came from across America. This was our anniversary slideshow.