Mocha Customer Appreciation

Many thanks to our customers who have given us flowers, pictures, decorations, and other thoughtful items. Some of these are displayed on this page. You are so thoughtful and kind to us.

Over the years, dozens of our guests have asked, "Where
did you get that beautiful clock?" The clock, coalescing beauty
and our time theme (Mocha Moment), was a precious,
opening day gift from Kathy's family.

The squirrels will get even fatter with this
homemade squirrel feeder from Rick.

Darla presented us with
this coffee break art.

Ken thought of our antique shelf
when he saw this old tea ad.

Carl saw this "must have" sign for Mocha Moment.
He brought it straight to our shop so that guests,
indecisive on an order, can just say, Mocha My Day.

Jerry and Vicki gave us this warm welcome banner
displaying our theme: Welcome to the Woods.