1121 Center in the 1900's

In the late 1930's, Cecilia Rockstead, the longtime owner of 1121 Center Avenue (now Mocha Moment), and her husband, Anton, brought their family to this house (built in 1908). After Anton's death in 1947 from cancer at age 43, Cecilia continued raising their five children: Sally, Ed, Doug, Susan, and Roger. Cecilia married Allie Jones, had another girl, Alanna, and also outlived Allie. Later, Cecilia married Gene Brummond, who survived her (1992) and continued living in the house.

Cecilia's house was ordinary except for one attribute: the sunny front porch topped by the cone shaped cupola. Visible from Center Avenue, this feature immediately gained the focus of anyone even casually glancing at her house. Also, a noteable, leaded glass window was installed next to the porch (left in photo).

After Gene's death, the family sold the home to Steve and Kathy, who razed the house and built Mocha Moment in 2002. After Mocha Moment opened, Gene's granddaughter, April, used to sit at Mocha Moment and sip her coffee. More than once she said to me, "I like what you did with Grandpa's place." On a Sunday afternoon in 2007, the five Rockstead children and their own children held a reunion at Mocha Moment. Cecilia's granddaughter, Becky, a Mocha Moment regular, loves to come to Mocha Moment: so many memories. Take a walk in Mocha Moment's quiet woods. Be still. Listen. See if you can hear the echoes of happy children playing among the trees and flowers.

Looking North

Rockstead Kids
House in Background

Roger, Susan, Doug, Ed, Sally

Looking East
View from Center Avenue

Looking West

Anton, Cecilia, and Family
House in Background

Susan, Doug, Ed, Sally